Mould Consulting Services and Project Management

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Mould consulting services include: conducting mould assessments, using both non-intrusive and intrusive investigative techniques in a variety of settings, including residential, office, and industrial.

Mould Consulting Services

As the issue of mould contamination becomes an increasingly greater concern to society, our clients need the right advice on how to manage the risks related to mould in buildings. Two trends are emerging in the perception of and response to mould contamination: there are those who say the concern is over-stated and then those who recommend a building be evacuated if one colony of a toxigenic mould species is identified. Neither of these two extremes accurately reflects our current scientific understanding of the correct response to the issue of mould in the indoor environment.

OESN offers mould assessments which include sampling techniques designed to suit each project, including bulk sampling of visible mould growth, swab sampling of settled dust, and air sampling. OESN’s mould services also include the provision of abatement specifications and tender documents, abatement supervision and inspection, and final clearance inspections and testing, if required.

Mould Assessment and Abatement

OESN has the experience to help our clients manage the risks associated with mould in buildings, minimize liability and demonstrate due diligence. Our experience and knowledge has been gained through the successful completion of numerous challenging assignments and by being involved in some of the most significant projects in the field of mould assessment and abatement that have been carried out in Canada to date.
When choosing a consultant, it is critical that their methodology be appropriate for the situation, with the result being problem resolution. OESN’s approach is to provide our clients with the information, advice, and direction they require.

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