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Clients are responsible for bringing their own respirator to their fit test appointment. N95 masks cannot be reused after the fit test.

Respirators must form a tight seal with your face and neck in order to fully protect your respiratory system from airborne hazards. If you are required to wear a respirator at work, it is the responsibility of your employer to provide you with a respiratory “fit-test‟. A “fit-test” challenges the seal between the respirator and your face.

There are two industry-accepted types of respiratory fit tests:

A qualitative fit test relies on your sense of taste and smell to detect leakage of an odour or irritant into the respirator face piece. Qualitative fit testing does not quantify the amount of leakage.

A quantitative fit test requires the use of a probe which is attached to a specialized machine that is capable of measuring generated aerosols, ambient aerosols, or controlled negative pressure. The probe is inserted directly into the respiratory face piece or respiratory cartridge. This type of fit test is most commonly used for
half-mask, elastomeric, and filtering respirators (ex. N95s).

An individual should consult with their physician before wearing respiratory protection. Individuals with impaired lung functioning may be physically unable to wear a respirator. During the fit test, the individual should wear the exact model, make, and size of respirator they will be wearing in the field. If an individual typically
wears glasses (safety or prescription) or hearing protection while wearing their respiratory protection, then these items should also be worn during the fit test. A worker should ensure that their respiratory protection is fit tested at least once every two (2) years to ensure their mask fits properly. Re-testing should occur if an
individual has lost weight, or has physically changed in a manner that may affect the seal between the mask and their face.
If you are interested in booking a respirator fit test, please select the desired service and appointment time using the scheduling assistant located below. 

Before you can be tested:

1)      You must not smoke, eat, chew gum, drink any other liquids other then water at least 15 minutes prior to the test to ensure an accurate successful respirator mask fit test (All type of masks).

2)      Please remove all facial jewelry or other items that come between the skin and respirator.

3)      You must be clean shaven 12-24 hours before the Respiratory Protection Training testing procedure.

4)      Please bring your own respirator and filters or cartridges to the fit testing.

The fee for completing the initial fit test is $75.00 + HST (per test). Re-test fees are $45.00 + HST (per test).

Proper preparation when coming to get fit tested.

To book your respirator fit test, please contact our fit test consultant Melissa Unyi at 289-213-6769 or

Check out our video “N95 Respirator Use: Instructions on How to Properly Put on & Take off your N95 Respirator”

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