Occupational Hygiene Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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Industrial Hygiene Assessments

In operating industrial or commercial facilities, plant managers are increasingly being expected to take greater responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for employees. It is now widely recognized that such an environment enhances employee comfort, health and workplace productivity. In addition to the above benefits, there are several other key benefits to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, such as:

  • Ensured compliance with applicable regulations
  • Fulfill due diligence of care obligations
  • Reduced liability due to accidents / injuries / lost time
  • Increased productivity through more efficient operation
  • Improved relations with unions
  • Increased employee morale

OESN can provide a wide variety of industrial hygiene services including:

  • Personal exposure assessments to chemical or physical agents
  • Noise mapping and dosimetry
  • Designated substance assessments for industrial processes
  • Water sampling, swab sampling and/or bulk liquid sampling
  • Legionella assessments
Occupational Hygiene Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Sampling the indoor air environment may include a vast array of contaminants. The inherent value of our applied science and engineering lies in our ability to identify the contaminants of concern and narrow the scope of work. The following are examples of a few of the typical indoor air parameters that may be assessed:

  • Microbial Contamination: microbial air and dust sampling for general indoor air quality concerns or for microbial contamination of food processing and clean room applications
  • Particulates: air sampling for clean room applications or general indoor air quality concerns
  • Carbon Dioxide, Relative Humidity and Temperature: a measure of ventilation efficiency and occupant comfort
  • Process Chemical Sampling: air sampling for specific chemicals used, stored or generated on-site
  • Combustion By-Products: sulfur, nitrogen and carbon oxides from in-vented space heaters and outside sources
  • Volatile Organic Compounds: from chemical processes or biological sources
Occupational Hygiene Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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